Denpasar To Ubud


The road from Denpasar to Ubut, about 26 kilometers, you will see a big selection of traditional arts and crafts. Many of the crafts people work outside and invite visitors to watch their skillful hands as they carefully make beautiful creations. Stonemasons, silversmiths, goldmiths, puppeteers, woodcarvers, painters and dancers can all be seen on this almost magical trip throung an artistic dream world. Batubulan, the village of stonemasons, provides an interesting first stop on your trip. Figures carved from stone can reflect images of dermons or Gods and can be seen everywhere on the road. The stone carvings, all of the highest quality, require a strong hand to carve images our of a block of stone.

In Celuk, the work of the goldsmiths an silver-smiths is outstanding. In some shops, you can watch the desingners working on their artistic creations. Many of their ancestors were once commin-sioned to work for Balinese Royalty.  A stop in the art market in Sukawati is a must. Among many other fine arts and crafts, this art market features a selection of traditional Balinese temple umbrellas know as ”Payung”. The market also has fine hand carved shadow puppets, known as a ” Wayang”. The carefully carved detailed puppets ara made from buffalo leather. Some of the more exclusive puppets are usually owned by the local dalang dalang, or puppet master. Sukawati offers a variety of souvenirs that make perfect gifts to take home to a friend or for yourself. Next on the road is Mas, the village of woodcarvers.

Statues of Gods or more playful images of big eyed frogs higly filigree carved doors or just simple window frames are all lined up for the visitors to see. For the master woodcarvers in Mas, nothing seems impossible to carve. The villages of Pengosekan and Peliatan are both interesting places to see Balines paintings.

In Pengosekan, the Community of Young Artists, a group founded in 1969 help poor families to give their children a good art education. When they become artists, they make money to help their families. Every kind of art and craft can be found in Ubud at the traditional markets and in shops on the Monkey Forest Road. If you wish to create your own silber pendant or ring, there are shops with experts that will teach you how to create yor unique piece of jewelry.

During your trip, a must see is Bali’s famous Barong Dance in Batubulan. If you wish to get back to nature, a stop at the Bali Bird Park in Singapadu is a beautiful attraction; is es especially nice for children.

Enjoy an adventurous trip on ” The Road Of Art”


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