The Legong Dance

Balinese Dance An important part of the culture

 The brief explanations of the three main Balinese Dances below are needed to understand the meaning of Legong, Barong, and Kecak Dances.

  Legong Dance

 The Legong Dance is the most feminine dance on Bali and it has different strories. Eighteen different kinds of Legong Dances have been developed and, based on the story which are told by the dancers, 2-5 of them may be performed at the same time.

 In the most popular form Legong, known as Legong Kraton, three female dancers perform together. Each dance has several things in common: the decorated costumes, the headdress with frangipani flowers and the dancers who wear beautiful elaborate make up. Dancers are accompanied by a gamelan orchestra.

 Many young girls want to become Legong Dancers, however only the most talented girls are allowed to perform on stage.Resim




The Legong Dance is taught as early as four years old while the body is stil very flexible.For some special temple ceremonies that occur only every thirty to fifty years, only young girls or boys who have not reached puberty yet can perform a special dance for the Gods. The Balinese believe that before puberty, it is easier for these young boys and girls to enter a trance.

Performances in restaurants are only for entertainment and can be performed by dancers of all ages.


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