The Kecak Dance

Kecak Dance

The Kecak Dance, also known as the Ramayana Monkey Chant, is an absolutely must-see performing for visitors to Bali. This unique dance is performed by a hundred or more men using their voices as percussive musial instruments. The men sit in a circle just in front of the audience. They sway, stand up, or lie prone as the story develops.


The men who chant wear checked cloth around their waists, leave their chests bare, throw their arms upwards with fingers outstretched to the sky. This gesture drives out evil.Some of men become actors in the drama being unfolded by the dancers who enter the stage and shows a battle from the Ramayana.





As the performers chant, dancers stage a battle in which the monkey king, Sugriwa and his army of monkeys help Prince Rama fight the evil King Rahwana. Kecak has its origins in sanghyang, an exorcism dance in which some dancers go into a trance.




The Kecak is so popular among tourists that you can find performances almost anywhere on Bali. One of the best places is at the cliff-top temple of Ulu Watu. However, Kecak can be seen in Ubud, Batubulan, and all over the island. Any place you choose, you are sure to enjoy the drama.




Kecak Ramayana & Fire Dance

They say that every visitor to bali should see at least one dance and if you plan to see only one then this should be it. The combination of ancient ritual,dance,drama,sunset,and cliff of setting makes Kecak Ramayana Fire Dance one of the most spectacular dance perpormances imaginable.Accompanied by a choir of chnating and singing men with the be a memory that will stay with you long after you leave this, the Island of the Gods.


Wandering in the forest of Dandaka during the exile of Rama. Sita sees a beautiful golden deer dancing in front of her, she pleads with her husband to catch it her. Rama, fearful of what may befall Sita left alone in the dangerous forest, leaves Sita in the protection of is brother Laksamana. Shortly after Ramas’s departure a cry for help echoes around the forest. Fearful for he husbands safety Sita sends Laksaman to his aid leaving herself unprotected and alona.


A sudden storm envelops the forest and Sita becomes fearful. Rhawana appears before her but she is protected by a magic circle and his attempt to seize her fails. He disappears only to come back disgusied as a poor old man seeking shelter and water (Bhagawan). Sita falls for Rhawana’s trick and ke kidnaps her.     Taking Sita to his palace of Alengka Rhawana is attacked on the way by his mortal enemy, Garuda – Long enough to tell Rama what has happened to Sita.


On his search for Sita Rama meets Sugriwa the red monkey King whose help he enlists to find his wife. Together they select a scout to find Alengka and locate Sita. Hanoman, a white monkey withy magical powers is chosen and Rama provides him a ring yo give to Sita as a token of his love and has prof of Hanoman being his envoy.



Honoman locates Alengka and enlists the help of Trijata to meet with Sita who is about to take her own life in despair. Hanoman shows the ring and tells of her husbans impending rescue attempt. Hanoman then attemots to destroy part of the palace and is caught by the giants who attempt to burn him to death. He escapes causing much mayhem throughout the city.



Rama is guided to Alengka where the monkey army defeats the army of the giants Rama meets with Rhawana in face to face battle and defeats him. He is then reunited with Sita.

At various time throughout the performance you will see 2 other characters. Delem and Tualen, These comics charaters are servants of Rama and Rhawana. See if you can dentify who is the servant of who.






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