Ajaran Tri Hita Karana


Ajaran Tri Hita Karana

In Bali, when we appreciate and take care of harmony and togetherness there are three main points found in the teachings of Tri Hita Karana based on the philosophy of Hinduism, the peace and the independence of the life:

1. The Lord Most ese blessed the life and all his creations in this world.

2. Environment gives life, the harmony of dilbutuhkan in every organism activity.

3. Beings live with the regulations as a basis for the structure of traditional life. Building the temple as a place to perform worship, religious ceremonial, and as a powwow and menyelesesaikan problems together.

This teaching can be observed during the sidelines of specific activities rituals. There are two ritual activities related to the forest monkeys which was named by Tumbek Pens. One of them  can be performed by the local ones who make available diasana, and other one is called as Tumpek Nguduh where the plants make ​​its rituals.







Around the beginning of the dynasty Gelgel when the government is dominated by Pejeng dynasty, a temple was built around the sacred monkeys pertengahaan in 11th century based on the analysis of the Pura Purana, sacred book made ​​of palmyra which is the local historical relics from the temple.

There are three holy temples in the forest :

Pura Dalem : Great, located in the southwest of local forest . This is a major and  very significant place in the forests of this puppy .

Northwestward , if any search direction then you will menekuan Beji temple structure from three mandala concepts . The main Mandala , the most northerly position is considered the most sacred area . Associate Mandala , located in the middle and has a good pool , mandala insult is to the southeast is a holy bath to the quick .



Pura Pura Prajapati third , storage and cremation is in the east and along side the grave .

In addition to the third temple , you can also see the two tombs and sculptures that are found in the wild.




Monkey – apes are living in a safe and peaceful environment in Bali , who is also known for the long-tailed macaques name , scientific name of it is Macara fascicularis .

Approximately 563 apes are usually around this forest of Bali , comprised of almost 46 pieces Alpha male , 166 female and 351 tail macaques monkeys cubs . Bali ‘s monkey – ape tiggal moved around in five areas consisting of male and female . Every day each group of monkeys is selahu migrate and master different areas in the forest . Because the population is so much , sometimes some conflicts occur when there are two groups want to control the same district .




Young male weighs about 8-10 pounds and has teeth that are large enough, the shoulders and their faces covered with the beard . While young females have smaller shape around 4-8 pounds and have long hair .

Bali monkeys in the group that consists mainly of female monkeys ( matrilines ) . Male monkeys usually move from one place to other to socialize with female ones . Each male and female monkeys have a dominance relationship , but they are not always consistent .

Fertilization can occur throughout the year but growth occurs around May – Agustos . Master of Balinese monkey baby monkey is keeping them , even monkeys that does not produce betine also take care of the monkey babies together. Namuh sometimes you can see Juda Juda adult male monkeys keep babies monkeys is more like a female monkey .



Penelitian dan Konservasi —Research and Conservation

The monkeys found in the forest is not only an essential component in the spiritual and daily life of the local community, but also they are an important location for research and conservation programs. Khursus management and structuring role in the region that has been done is very encouraging researchers from research institutions around the world to conduct research. Particularly in the field of interaction between living beings and apes in this comfortable place, is subject to survey and material for scientific research.

 Wenara Wana

It is important to treat monkey properly because forest is the place where they and you live together here. Please keep it running safe. Monkeys may be aggressive if you entered the peacock (Staff Wenara seskali Wana and the researchers will look to be in this area, please do not follow them). Should never interfere with or disturb the monkeys for any reason.

If you give food to the monkeys, do it with caution and if they take good food than you should never try to take it back. Will often look bagimana Balinese macaques open coconuts, they also like bananas and papayas. While giving the food please leave the fruits to the monkeys.

You must treat trees, plants and animals as well as other structures with good role in this forest. This area is a sacred place and a store of ecological importance. Please enjoy the beauty and magic of this place, at the same time you will also protect and respect the lives, life are in it.

If you have any questions Atai need assistance, please contact employees Wenara Wana (recognizable by the green seregam) or members of the researcher.

Dear Valued Guest Pera

Ape is an animal that pentin in Balinese culture, the interest shown in the history of dance and Kecak and Ramayana, sculptures, carvings and folk tales. We want you to enjoy the visit in the Sacred Mandala Wenara Padantegal Wana. Hopefully, this experience can be a pleasant memory.


Tri Hita Karana

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