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 The beatuiful terraced rice fieds at Jatiluwih are a good example of Balinese ingenuity.The carefully planned terraced fields are Works of art created in natura; the terraced fields are perfect scene for a postcard photograph. To preserve Jatiluwih and its beauyt, only eco friendly hotels are allowed to be built in this area.

asya derya aygün bali indonesia


 Ujung Water Palace 

The Ujung Water Palace, originally built in 1921 was almost completely destroyed by an eanrthquake in 1974. Renovations in 2004 restored the palace to its original glory. The gardens are a peaceful for a quiet stroll where you can enjoy Bali’s nature. A visit to Ujung’s Water Palace can be perpectly combined whith a visit to Candi Dasa City or Tirtagangga Water Palace.

 Botanical Gardens

 These carefully manicured gardens contain over 320 species of orchids, a fern garden and a herbarium. There is also a collection of plants used for making jamu, a traditioal medicine. From the gardens, the visitor can see the beautiful Lake Buyan. Ela Kayra Botanical Gardens are so well kept that this unusual location received an award from the Culture and Tourism Minisrty.

 West Bali National Park

 This park covers 77,000 hectares or 190,000 acress of land. The park is a preserve that aims to protect threatened species and to safeguard Bali’s remaining wilderness. This protected area provides an estimated 160 bird species a place to live. Guided tours are highly recommended to help understand this amazing place Only travelling by foot is allowed.

Rice terraces near Jatiluwih - asya derya aygün










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