Bali’s Regencies



 Denpasar is the economic center of Bali. There is a Bajra Sandhi museum of heroes and Balinese statues which have become a symbol of Denpasar. The unique Kreneng night market, Denpasar Cultural Park ( Art Center ) and the Bali museum are all locaed in the heart of Denpasar.

 Bangli Reğency  

Bangli Regency attrations can be found at Bukit Jati, which is an ideal place for Hiking and Trekking, visiting Historic Villages and the Penglipuran Temple. In the mountainous areas around Kintamani, there are Mount Batur and Lake Batur which is the largest lake in Bali. It has natural hot springs in Toyabungkah. Bangli District is the only district in Bali that does not have a beach.

 Karangasem Regency  

Karangasem Regency became the spot fort he biggest Temple in Bali, Besakih Temple. The temple is visied by local residents as well as tourists. There is also a water park, Tirta Ganga Water place, rice fields, roling hills and crystal clear water. Taman Ujung Karangasem is one of the main attractions in 10 Hectares of Karangasem made by there architects from Bali, the Netherlands and China.

 Buleleng Regency  

Buleleng is the largest area among nine districts and cities in Bali, almost 1/3 of Bali’s main island. Some places that you will wish to visit are Lovina beach where you can see dolphins, twin Buyan and Tamblingan lakes with their natural beauty and the 35 meter high Gitgit waterfall. The uninhabited Island is suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. The hundreds of years Banjar sulfur hot springs is a unique and wonderful destination.

 Jembrana Regency

 Jembrana Regency is located in the West and has numerous tourist areas, Medewi Beach which is suitabla for surfing, candikusuma beach, Rening Baluk and Pengeragoan a museum of early humans. A ferry and shipping port that connects the islands of Java and Bali, can take you to the West Bali National Park a sanctuary for Starlings ( Balibirds – Leucopsar rothschildi ) which is protected by the Government.

 Klungkung Regency

 One – third of Klungkung Regency (112,16km2) is located between the İsland of Bali. The other two thirds (202,84km2) is in the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, These three islands are suitable for water activities. Kerthagosa, is an ancient building complex erected during the reign of the first King of Klungkung. There is also a temple called Goa Lawah with an impressive amount of bats inside.

 Tabanan Regency

 Tabanan Regency has an area of 839,33km2 which consists of mountainous areas adn beaches. Bedugul Batonical Garden is surruounded by hills and has three beautiful lakes. Tabanan Regency has many beaches such as Yeh Ganga Beach, Suka Beach, Surabarata Beach, Kleting Beach, Pasut Beach etc. It’s more than just beaches thoungh, there are also famaus temples such as Tanah Lot which is located a short distance off the coast with a great view of the surrounding ocean. Batukaru Temple located on Mount Batukaru and Jatiluwih – both have famous terracing which an can be seen in the many brochures of beautiful Bali.

 Badung Regency

 Badung Regency includes Kuta and Nusa Dua with several famous beaches such as Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu and Nusa Dua. Uluwatu Temple located at the edge of the cliffs is also a great attraction for tourists. Tanjung Benoa is the place with a lot of different kins of Water Sports.

 Gianyar Regency

 Gianyar Regency includes, Siyud, Suba and many more beautiful beaches. There are lots of beautiful temples to visit like Goa Gajah Temple, Yeh Pulu temple, Penataran sasih temple, Kebo Edan temple, Pusering Jagat temple, Gunung Kawi Temple and Tirta Empul Temple. In the centre of the regency is Ubud with lush gren areas and the rice fields of Tegalalang. Puri Agung Ubud is located in the heart of Ubud. It was the Ubud government kingdom of the past and is now a center for culture and arts. Events are often held at the front of the Puri.


Bali's Regencies asya derya aygün

Bali’s Regencies
asya derya aygün



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